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The Bonspiel is New Zealand's major tournament in the traditional crampit form of the game. The event is called only when there is sufficient natural ice on an outdoor rink – the Idaburn Dam has been the venue since 1932.

Two teams from each club play 4 games each over 2 days, with the winning club being the one with most wins from their 8 games. Total points scored is used to separate clubs with the same number of wins.


Winners of the New Zealand Curling Province Bonspiel
 Year Champion Club  Year Champion Club
 1879  Naseby  1941  Naseby
 1884  Otago Central  1942  Rough Ridge
 1889  Otago Central  1943  Ranfurly
 1890  Blackstone Hill  1945  Ranfurly
 1891  Upper Kyeburn  1946  Ranfurly
 1893  Otago Central  1947  Ranfurly
 1894  Mt Ida  1951  Upper Manuherikia
 1895  Otago Central  1952  Becks
 1897  Mt Ida  1953  Becks
 1899  Mt Ida  1954  Upper Manuherikia
 1900  Mt Ida  1955  Cambrian
 1901  Cambrian  1958  Wedderburn
 1902  Otago Central  1959  Blackstone Hill
 1903  Cambrian  1963  Upper Manuherikia
 1906  Cambrian  1966  Blackstone Hill
 1907  Naseby  1968  Poolburn
 1908  Blackstone Hill  1969  Kyeburn
 1909  Blackstone Hill  1971  Otago Central
 1910  Blackstone Hill  1973  Mt Ida
 1911  Blackstone Hill  1975  Kyeburn
 1912  Naseby  1982  Serpentine
 1913  Upper Manuherikia  1986  Ranfurly (centennial) *¹
 1922  Cambrian  1988  Wedderburn
 1923  Cambrian  1991  Mt Ida
 1925  Cambrian  1992  Kiwi
 1930  Cambrian  1995  Serpentine
 1931  Cambrian  2001  Dunedin Country
 1932  Naseby  2007  Rough Ridge
 1933  Blackstone Hill  2010  Alpine
 1934  Mt Ida  2011  Poolburn (125th Jubilee) *²
 1935  Naseby  2012  Poolburn
 1937  Blackstone Hill
 1938  Ranfurly
 1939  Cambrian
 *¹  Due to a lack of ice, 1986 was a mini-Bonspiel with each club entering only one team. Although not a Grand Match, the NZCP felt its centennial needed to be celebrated with a Match. The morning conditions at Naseby were suitable, but the ice deteriorated in the afternoon.
 *²  The 125th Jubilee Bonspiel in 2011 was played on artificial ice – 1 outdoor rink (Alexandra) and 3 indoor (Dunedin, Gore, Naseby). Most clubs entered just one team; each team played 7 games. 

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