2017 NZ Mixed Fours Championship

Paradice Avondale, Auckland

4 & 5 June 2017

Final Standings

Championship History


 1   (4½‑½)   Brett Sargon, Eleanor Adviento, Kieran Ford, Thivya Jeyaranjan
2 (2½-2½)  Iain Craig, Zoe Breeze, Steve McLean, Elizabeth McLean, Dean Fotti
3 (2½-2½)  Garion Long, Emily Whelan, Kieran Grieve, Rebecca Treacy
4 (1½-3½)  Ian Ford (v), Pauline Farra, Ben McCormick, Liz Matthews (s)
5= (1½-2½)  Rachel Pirie, Brock Jaeb, Holly Gosse, Kenny Williamson
5= (1½-2½)  Glenys Taylor, Peter Taylor, Brittany Taylor, Keith Bond

Sunday 4 June 2017

 5:00pm, Round 1         
SheetTeamDSD123456 Total
B Brett Sargon 163.5 2   1 2       5
Garion Long 127.5   1     1 3   5
C Liz Matthews 184.0       1 1 2   4
Iain Craig 184.0 1 1 2         4
D Rachel Pirie 159.0   2   1 3     6
Glenys Taylor 184.0 1   3     1   5


 7:00pm, Round 2         
SheetTeamDSD123456 Total
B Iain Craig 102.0 1 1 1 2   1   6
Glenys Taylor 100.0         1     1
C Brett Sargon 55.0 1 3       3   7
Rachel Pirie 184.0     2 1 1     4
D Garion Long 130.7 2 1 1 1   4   9
Liz Matthews 79.3         1     1


 9:00pm, Round 3         
SheetTeamDSD123456 Total
B Liz Matthews   3 2 1   2 X   8
Rachel Pirie         1   X   1
C Glenys Taylor   2   4 1 1     8
Garion Long     1       3   4
D Brett Sargon 179.0 4   4 2   X   10
Iain Craig 89.0   2     2 X   4

Pool Standings

1 Brett Sargon 2 1 0 5 D W W  
2 Liz Matthews 1 1 1 3 L D W  
3 Glenys Taylor 1   2 2 W L L  
1= Garion Long 1 1 1 3 D W L  
1= Iain Craig 1 1 1 3 L D W  
3 Rachel Pirie 1   2 2 L L W  

Monday 5 June 2017

 7:00am, Semi-Finals           
SheetTeam 123456   Total
  Pool A Semi-Final – A1 v A2
C Brett Sargon     2 4 3 1 X       10
Liz Matthews   1         X       1
  Pool B Semi-Final – B1 v B2
D Iain Craig     2 2 1 1 1       7
Garion Long   2                 2


 9:30am, Finals           
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
  Gold Medal match (8 ends)
B Brett Sargon H 1 2 2 3   1 1 X   10
Iain Craig           1     X   1
  Bronze Medal match (6 ends)
D Garion Long H   1 2 3 2 X       8
Liz Matthews   1         X       1
  Playoff 5th/6th – A3 v B3 (6 ends)
C Rachel Pirie H   2   1 3         6
Glenys Taylor   2   2     2       6


Tournament Format

  • Dates
    The tournament will run on Sunday evening 4 June and Monday morning 5 June, Queen's Birthday Weekend.
    All players are requested to assist with ice setup from 4:20pm on Sunday, and the first round will start as soon as the ice is ready.
  • Teams
    Teams are 2 males and 2 females, playing alternately (i.e. M-F-M-F or F-M-F-M). You may change from one configuration to the other and/or change playing order between games.
    If a team is forced to continue playing with only three players they must continue to play alternately (M-F-M or F-M-F).
    The Skip and Vice-Skip can be anyone in the team, but they must be from opposite genders. Refer to WCF Rules of Curling
  • Pools
    The six teams will be in two pools of three. In the round robin, each team will play the three teams in the opposite pool, 6 end games.
    There will be no extra end to break a draw. Teams will score 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
    Teams will toss a coin for hammer and rock colour.
    As time is restricted, pre-game practice is limited to players throwing one rock up and then back to the home end.
  • Draw Shot
    After the first 2 pool games, 1 player from each team will throw one stone each. If it is possible that their DSD will be required for rankings, each team will throw two draw shots at the end of the third round.
    These will be measured and recorded, and the worst result of each team's total of 4 stones will be discarded before calculating the team's average draw shot distance.
    The average DSD will be used to rank teams in each pool with the same total points.
    No player in a team may throw more than one draw shot during the pool rounds.
  • Playoffs
    The top two teams in each pool will play each other in 6-end semi-finals (A1 v A2, B1 v B2).
    The gold medal final will be 8 ends, with and extra end if required to break a tie. The bronze medal game and the 5/6 playoff will be 6 ends.
  • Meals and Breaks
    We hope to have at least a 10-15 minute break between games on Sunday evening. Teams must provide their own snacks, drinks etc.
    A light breakfast will be provided between the games on Monday morning.
  • Brush Regulations
    WCF brush regulations are not mandatory for this tournament, but curlers with a good chance for a medal or who aspire to NZ selection are strongly urged to comply with the WCF rules.
    All entrants may purchase one WCF compliant "Performance" standard pad for $NZ 20 from Auckland CC. (Normal retail is $25 Canadian, plus shipping). Extra pads may be purchased for $NZ 30 if stocks allow. 


Entry Details

  • You may enter a full team, part team or as an individual. If you enter a part team or as an individual we will try to make up full teams on your behalf but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.
  • The entry fee will be $360 per team ($90 per player). A deposit of $200 per team (or $50 per person) must be paid at the time of entry. This will be refunded in full if you wish to enter as an individual but we cannot find you a team.
  • Payments to Auckland Curling's Westpac account 03-1564-0052855-00 should reference "NZM4s" and your name(s) or the team skip's name.
  • Player eligibility and playing conditions are as set down in the New Zealand Curling Association Inc Competitions Procedures Manual and the WCF Rules of Curling. To be eligible to enter, these essentially say that you must be a current or life member of a NZ curling club, a life member of the NZCA, or you must pay a tournament levy to NZCA as well as your tournament entry fee.


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