2015 NZ Senior Championships

MCI, Naseby

11 - 13 September 2015

NZ Curling pin

Final Standings

Championship History
Men | Women


 1   (4‑1)  Hans Frauenlob, Dan Mustapic, Lorne DePape, Iain Craig
2 (3-2) Peter Becker, Richard Morgan, Nelson Ede, John Sanders
3 (0-4) Ian Ford, Victor Sue-Tang, Fred Bauer, Peter Taylor

Draw and Results

Friday 11 September

 1:30 pm, Draw 1
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
A Peter Becker H 1   1   0 2   1   5
Ian Ford     1   1     1     3


 4:30 pm, Draw 2
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
B Hans Frauenlob H 0 2   2 1 1 X     6
Peter Becker       1       X     1

Saturday 12 September

 9:30 am, Draw 3
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
C Hans Frauenlob   5 2   3   3 X     13
Ian Ford H     1   1   X     2


 1:30 pm, Draw 4
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
D Peter Becker   2 1   4 1 1 X     9
Ian Ford H     2       X     2


 4:30 pm, Draw 5
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
A Peter Becker H   3 2   0 1 1   1 8
Hans Frauenlob   2     3       2   7

Sunday 13 September

 9:30 am, Draw 6
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
B Hans Frauenlob H 3 3 3     1 X     10
Ian Ford         1 1   X     2

Round Robin Standings

1=  Hans Frauenlob 3 1   W W   L W
1=  Peter Becker 3 1 L   W W   W
3  Ian Ford 0 4 L L   L L  

Sunday 13 September

 12:00 pm, Final
SheetTeam 12345678 Total
  Men's Final
C Hans Frauenlob H 2 1 1   2   3 X   9
Peter Becker         3   1   X   4

Competition Format and Rules

  1. The tournament is to be played under the WCF ‘Rules of Curling’, except as may be modified below.
  2. The tournament format will be a double round robin involving the three teams. The top two qualifying teams from the round robin will play a ‘final’ for the gold and silver medals.
  3. Round robin games are to be of 8 ends duration with an extra end to be played if scores are equal after 8 ends. A four minute break shall be taken after four ends.
  4. Each team shall have a 6 minute practice prior to the commencement of each game.
  5. The team marked with an asterisk will have choice of either first practice or stone colour. The team that practices first shall have hammer for the first end.
  6. On completion of the round robin games the men’s teams shall be ranked on their win/loss records. If any two teams appear likely to have the same number of round robin wins those teams will be required to throw a set of four draw shots on completion of their last round robin game; two clockwise and two anti-clockwise. Each player will be required to throw one stone (with sweepers) and the best three draws will count as the team total. This will be used to rank the teams in question.
  7. The sheet for the Men’s medal game will be allocated following the completion of the previous round of play.
  8. Any team is permitted to include one alternate player during the competition but no player may play for more than one team during the same competition. The name(s) of any alternate players (if not included on the team’s entry form) shall be provided to the Chief Umpire prior to commencement of the first round in which the respective team competes.
  9. Any team commencing the competition with four players will be permitted to continue to compete if one of those players is forced to retire from the competition due to injury or illness and a suitable substitute is not available. The Chief Umpire shall be advised of any such retirement.
  10. A team briefing for all players competing in the first round will be held at 1.00pm on Friday. If required a separate briefing will be held for Team C at 4.00pm.

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