Final Standings



 1    CAN  Canada  1    CAN  Canada
  2   USA  USA 2   SUI  Switzerland
  3   SCO  Scotland 3   SWE  Sweden
  4   SUI  Switzerland 4   SCO  Scotland
  5   SWE  Sweden 5   JPN  Japan
  6   JPN  Japan 6   USA  USA
  7   AUS  Australia 7   NZL  New Zealand
  8   FIN  Finland 8   ITA  Italy
  9   NZL  New Zealand  

All Women's Results

  10   HUN  Hungary
  11   ENG  England  
  12   Italy  Italy  

All Men's Results


World Curling Federation president Les Harrison believes the world junior championships could be held at the Dunedin Ice Stadium. "The juniors [under-21] would be good for Dunedin because of its large student population," Harrison, of Canada, told the Otago Daily Times. He attended last week's world senior championships in Dunedin and was impressed by the facilities and ice conditions...

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It was business as usual for the Canadian women when they collected the gold medal at the Dunedin Ice Stadium on Saturday. It was the fifth time the Canadian woman had won the gold medal at the senior championships since the event started in 2002...

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DUNEDIN, New Zealand – Canada scored double gold for the second year in a row at the 2009 World Senior Curling Championships.
Canada’s Pat Sanders thrashed Switzerland’s Renate Nedkoff 10-1 to win the women’s championship. The Canadians, from Victoria, British Columbia, scored four in the first end and then added five additional stolen points over the next three ends to overwhelm the Swiss.

In the men’s final, Canada’s Eugene Hritzuk and his foursome from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan faced a strong challenge from the United States, skipped by Paul Pustovar.

News travels fast. Within 30 minutes of the end of their game, members of the Swiss men's curling team had received a text of congratulations from their home club in Berne. Switzerland had just beaten Sweden 4-3 in a crunch game to decide which team reached the semifinals...

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Verne Anderson lives in small-town Canada. The grain farmer's home town of Wadena has a population of just 1500 people. His curling club has a four-sheet curling rink and a membership of 250. "Most small towns or villages have an ice rink," Anderson (57) told the Otago Daily Times...

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