2011 Pacific Junior Curling Championships

Naseby, New Zealand

9 - 15 January 2011

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Final Standings

Men   Women
 1st  (8-1) China  China    1st  (9-1) Japan  Japan
 2nd  (7-3) Korea  Korea    2nd  (7-2) Korea  Korea
 3rd  (5-4) Japan  Japan    3rd  (4-6) New Zealand  New Zealand
 4th  (2-6) New Zealand  New Zealand    4th  (3-6) China  China
 5th  (0-8) Australia  Australia    5th  (0-8) Australia  Australia

   Result Details

   Result Details


Junior Women       Junior Men
  aus     Australia     AUS     Australia       ♦  indicates the team with hammer (last stone advantage) in the first end AND with the first pre-game practice session. Note that the practice session starts 30 minutes before the match time noted in the draw – refer to point 4 below.
chn   China   CHN   China  
jpn   Japan   JPN   Japan  
kor   Korea   KOR   Korea  
nzl   New Zealand   NZL   New Zealand  
Day Date Time Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D
9 Jan 09:00 KOR AUS NZL CHN
10:30 JPN aus chn kor
11:45 Team Meeting – Naseby Curling Club
12:30 nzl jpn KOR AUS
14:00 NZL CHN JPN aus
15:30 chn kor nzl jpn
18:30 Welcome Reception at the Naseby Curling Club
Mon 10 Jan 10:00 KOR - AUS ♦ NZL - CHN ♦ jpn - aus ♦ chn - kor ♦
16:00 nzl - jpn ♦ aus - chn ♦ CHN - KOR ♦ JPN - NZL ♦
Tue 11 Jan 10:00 JPN - CHN ♦ jpn - kor ♦ NZL - AUS ♦ nzl - aus ♦
16:00 kor - aus ♦ KOR - JPN ♦ chn - nzl ♦ AUS - CHN ♦
Wed 12 Jan 10:00 AUS - JPN ♦ chn - jpn ♦ KOR - NZL ♦
16:00 CHN - NZL ♦ AUS - KOR ♦ kor - chn ♦ aus - jpn ♦
Thu 13 Jan 10:00 ♦ aus - chn ♦ JPN - NZL ♦ nzl - jpn ♦ CHN - KOR
16:00 ♦ jpn - kor ♦ nzl - aus ♦ JPN - CHN ♦ NZL - AUS
Fri 14 Jan 09:00 ♦ chn - nzl CHN - AUS ♦ aus - kor ♦ ♦ KOR - JPN
14:30 NZL - KOR ♦ ♦ kor - nzl ♦ AUS - JPN jpn-chn ♦
19:30 Tiebreakers (if required)
Sat 15 Jan 09:00 JUNIOR MEN·– 2 vs 3 (Semi-final)
Junior Women – 2 vs 3 (Semi-final)
(Sheets will be determined by the Chief Umpire)
14:30 JUNIOR MEN'S Gold Medal Game
Junior Women's Gold Medal Game
(Sheets will be determined by the Chief Umpire)
17:30 Closing Ceremoney & Medal Presentations
19:00 Farewell Party

Australia China Japan Korea New Zealand
Australia China Japan Korea New Zealand

Tournament Format

  1. World Curling Federation (WCF) rules apply, unless otherwise indicated below, or stated during the official Team Meeting, which is scheduled between 11:45 – 12:15 at the Naseby Curling Club on Sunday, 9 January 2011.
  2. The Junior Women (5 teams) and the Junior Men (5 teams) will play a double round robin series. At the end of the round robins there will be a ranking established for places 1 to 3 using the WCF Rules of Competition (C9) -Team Ranking Procedure. In the single semi-final games the teams ranked # 2 will play against the teams ranked # 3. The winners of the semi-final will play in the Gold/Silver medal games against the teams that were ranked # 1. The winners of the Gold Medal games will qualify for the 2011 World Junior Curling Championships (WJCC).
  3. All games will be ten (10) ends, with extra end(s) to break tied games.
  4. There will be a ten minute practice for each team before every game. The practice starts 30 minutes before the scheduled game time that is shown on the schedule (i.e. – schedule shows 10:00 therefore 09:30 – 09:40 the team having last stone in the first end practices, 09:40 – 09:50 the other team practices, 09:50 – 10:00 ice cleaning, 10:00 the game starts).
  5. In the official schedule the ♦ indicates last stone in the first end. Since every team plays every other team twice, they will have last stone in the first end in one of those games, and will be without last stone in the first end in the other game.
  6. In the semi-final and Gold/Silver game, if one team is clearly ahead of their opponent after the round-robin, or if tied and one team won both round robin games, then that team will have last stone advantage in the first end (first practice) and there will be toss for stone colour. If no team is clearly ahead and neither tied team won both round robin games, then there will be a coin toss and the winner of the toss will have the choice of last stone in the first end (first practice), or choice of stone colour.
  7. First named team in each of the round-robin games plays the stones with the dark coloured handles and should wear dark coloured upper playing garments.
  8. The Chief Umpire will determine the schedule and ice for any necessary tiebreaker games as soon as the number of games required and the opponents have been clearly determined. Additional training times and ice will also be decided by the Chief Umpire.

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