NZ Curling Association


The NZCA is New Zealand's national governing body for the Olympic sport of curling.

New Zealand is a member of the World Curling Federation (WCF). The WCF administers the sport at a global level, conducting Men's and Women's World Curling Championships – Open, Junior (under 21) and Senior (50+) – as well as Mixed Doubles and Winter Olympic Curling competitions. The NZCA supplies New Zealand delegates to the World Curling Federation General Assembly.

The NZCA administers the sport in New Zealand. New Zealand's curling heritage is a long and rich one, and we remain one of the few areas of the world that continues to play traditional outdoor "crampit" curling, with regular scheduled events. Although no international competitions are conducted in this form of the game, preservation of this heritage is a treasure for the curling world.

The NZCA also administers the modern form of the game that is played at Olympic and World Championships. The Association acts as a liaison between clubs and athletes, the WCF, and national support bodies such as SPARC and the New Zealand Olympic Committee. The Association's mission statement:

It is the mission of the NZCA to improve and grow the ‘Olympic’ game of curling in New Zealand in both participation and international performance, while cherishing, preserving, and developing the uniquely Kiwi character of the outdoor, ‘crampit’ game.

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