2016 Auckland BIG END Award

Previous winners

 6  Cleansweep Round 3 End 7 15th May
Cleansweep Round 6 End 7 26th June
Sheets & Giggles Round 11 End 2 28th August
Cleansweep Semi-Final End 6 25th September
 5  Thistles Round 1 End 4 1st May
Cleansweep Round 1 End 4 1st May
Thistles Round 2 End 2 8th May
Diamonds Round 2 End 3 8th May

What is the Big End Award?


The purpose of the Big End Award is to encourage and recognise High Level Strategy and Execution during a game and to add another level of friendly competition into the Auckland Curling Club.

It is to honour the fact that an Eight Point End is a rarer achievement  than a Hole in One in Golf!

The Big End Award will be awarded to the teams that achieve a High End Score during any Auckland Curling Club competition.

It is to be restarted at the beginning of each season.


It is to be awarded according to the following criteria:

  1. The first Award will be given to the Team that gets the best end points in the first round of competition.  If two teams achieve the same results, then it will be awarded to the team that scores first. ie. In the earliest end.  End 1 in both draws will be considered the same so as to not disadvantage the late games.
  2. Teams will then be required beat the existing High End Record to receive the award.  The timing rule above also applies.
  3. Any Team that scores 7 or 8 will automatically receive an award.


The Award will be announced at the club during the notices and acknowledged on the website and in the periodic news letters.

At the end of season prize giving, the Team/s that have achieved the highest Big End Award for the season will be acknowledged.

All teams that achieve a 7 or higher will receive an award.

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