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MCI December camp popular

December camp

18 Dec 2012 – Thirty participants attended the NZCA Training Camp at MCI Naseby from 14 - 16 December, and all showed marked improvement in their curling by the conclusion of their weekend reported co-ordinator Peter Becker.

24 of the athletes were juniors, with one of those from Australia.

Over the weekend the participants were taken through delivery sessions, video analysis, curling drills and strategy sessions. They also viewed and analysed DVDs of World Championships and other game situations.

"I would like to thank the instructors who took part," said Peter Becker. "Their assistance and skills were appreciated and added to the quality of the Camp."

"I would also like to thank the staff at Maniototo Curling International, especially Jo Heard, who supplied everyone with lunch over the 3 days."

"A most successful Camp, enjoyed by all those who took part."

Instructors – Peter Becker, Wendy Becker, Rissy Jones, Davey Greer, Rupert Jones, Brydie Donald, Sean Becker, John Campbell, John Sanders.

Participants – Simon Neilson, Matthew Neilson, Hamish Walker, Josh Whyte, Tash Whyte, Alex Greer, Catherine Greer, Holly Thomson, Jessica Smith, Eloise Pointon, Elle Steele, Garion Long, Brett Sargon, Tessa Farley, Kieran Grieve, Willy Miller, Eleanor Adviento, Kelsi Heath, Chelsea Farley, Luke Steele, Liam Dowling, Max Thomas, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Beth Gibbs, Anne Huddleston, Carolyn Cooney, Eric Swinbourn, Liz Matthews, Glenys Taylor.



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