NZCA Newsletter – May 2009

21 May 2009 – This NZ Curling Association newsletter includes items from the AGM held at Oturehua on 8 May, office holders for 2009, the latest news on Auckland's rink and updates from Dunedin's recent World Seniors Curling Championship and the World Mixed Doubles held in Italy.

A date has also been set for this year's Curlers' Court.


Office Bearers for 2009/10

NZ Curling Association
President  Darren Carson (Kiwi Curling Club)
Senior Vice-President  James Armstrong (Dunstan Creek CC)
Junior Vice President  James Hazlett (Ranfurly CC)
Term expiring 2010  Pat Cooney (Chatto Creek), Sam Inder (Dunedin City)
Term expiring 2011  Peter Becker (Ranfurly), Mervyn Jamieson (Otago Central)
Term expiring 2012  John Mulholland (Oturehua), Robert Rutherford (Rough Ridge)
Naseby Curling Council
President  Sam Inder (Dunedin City)
Vice President  Barry Munroe (Hamiltons)
Junior Vice President  Richard Smith
Secretary  Rock McCrorie (Hamiltons)
Idaburn Curling Council
President  John Hamilton (Becks)
President-Elect  Greg Becker (Rough Ridge)
Secretary  Stewart McKnight (Blackstone Hill)

World Seniors Curling Championships

The 2009 Championships were successfully held in Dunedin, hosted by the Dunedin Curling Club – this was the first time that the Championships had been held in the Southern Hemisphere and the positive feedback from participants and World Curling Federation officials bodes well for further World events being hosted in New Zealand. Congratulations and thanks are extended to the DCC for the great work undertaken by a dedicated group of curling enthusiasts.


Men:  Canada 1st, USA 2nd, Scotland 3rd, Switzerland 4th
Women:  Canada 1st, Switzerland 2nd, Sweden 3rd, Scotland 4th
NZ Men  Played five, for one win and four losses
   Peter Becker, Richard Morgan, Nelson Ede, David Greer, John Sanders
NZ Women  Played seven, for two wins and five losses
   Wendy Becker, Christine Bewick, Pauline Farra, Elizabeth Matthews

Click here for all Tournament news.

World Mixed Doubles

Hosted at Cortina, Italy, with NZ’s representatives being Scott Becker and Brydie Donald; NZ had a four win, four loss record, and was placed 13th out of 27 countries.

Auckland Curling

Waitakere City Council's Infrastructure Works Committee has recently agreed with the proposed changes to its Parrs Park Management Plan to allow for a new combined pool and curling complex at the Waterhole Swim Centre. This decision of the Waitakere City Council is the first step in a long process for the Auckland curling fraternity which still has to obtain resource and building consents and as well as having a huge amount of money to raise.

The proposal is for a six sheet dedicated curling facility and when the complex is completed, it will provide an exciting opportunity for the development of curling in NZ and in the top part of the North Island in particular.



The new NZCA Regulations (to supplement and complement the NZCA Rules) were adopted at the NZCA's Annual General Meeting on 8 May 2009. Some points from the Regulations are:

(a) Tournament entry – for all NZCA tournaments (other than Secondary School events), each participant must be either a "full" member of a Curling Club affiliated to the NZCA (and the Club must pay a subscription to the NZCA on each player’s behalf) or pay an annual tournament licence fee which covers each calendar year. The tournament licence fee for 2009 has been set at $30.

(b) Representative eligibility – each person who wishes to be considered for selection for any NZ international representative team must be either a "full" member of a Curling Club affiliated to the NZCA (and the Club must pay a subscription to the NZCA on each player’s behalf) or pay an annual tournament licence fee which covers each calendar year.

(c) Curling Councils – the minimum number of Clubs within a Curling Council has been set at four; that applies to existing Councils (Idaburn, Naseby) as well as to any proposed new Councils.

(d) Curling Clubs – where a Club wishes to seek affiliation to the NZCA, that Club must have a minimum of 10 members before the NZCA will consider its application.

Curling Councils

The 2009 Annual General Meeting also adopted new "Terms of Reference" for each of its Curling Councils – in effect, each Curling Council will now have an identical constitution within which it must operate. The Curling Councils are responsible for curling activities within their respective Council area and the day-to-day operations of the Council have been delegated to an Administration Committee (formerly referred to as an Emergency Committee).

Life Membership

It is pleasing to report that Peter Becker, current and long serving Secretary of the NZCA as well as his other multiplicity of curling interests at Club, Council, NZCA, and international levels, has had his unstinting service to curling justly recognised by the awarding of NZCA Life Membership. Well done, Pete, but remember, the work has not finished!!!!

Curlers' Court

In the event that a bonspiel is not called in 2009, it is proposed to hold a Curlers' Court on Thursday 30 July 2009 – closer to that date, Clubs will be requested to advise the names of the candidates to be conducted through the Court. Should there be insufficient numbers of candidates, then the proposed Court will not be proceeded with.