NZCA newsletter – September 2009

30 Sep 2009 – The September 2009 newsletter of the NZ Curling Association congratulates the winners of the most recent national tournaments, introduces the just-released high performance development plan and clarifies eligibility criteria for NZ representative teams.

NZ Championship Tournaments

Congratulations are extended to the following teams for their victories in the respective NZCA Championship tournaments:

NZ Mixed Doubles

  Sean Becker and Bridget Becker

NZ Secondary Schools

  Girls  Epsom Girls Grammar School – Team Farley
Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeraranjan, Tessa Farley, Emily Whelan
  Boys  Kelston Boys High School – Team Sargon
Brett Sargon, Matthew Clemett, Dean D’Cruz, Nathan Mahoney, Madhukar Narain
  Mixed  Long Bay College – Team Bauer
Katie Bauer, Garion Long, Tamara Long, Morgan Long, Christine Bridle

Thanks are extended to all the teams which participated in the two tournaments; a special "thank you" to the Chief Umpire at each event – Liz Matthews (NZ Secondary Schools); Darren Carson (NZ Mixed Doubles) and to those other curlers who assisted in the administration of each event.

High Performance Development Programme

The Executive has adopted a programme for the ongoing development of curling athletes, with the aim of improving the results at international level so that podium finishes become the norm rather than the exception.

Details of the programme can be obtained by requesting a copy from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NZ Representative Eligibility

Overseas athletes

A curler seeking to improve his/her curling standards by travelling overseas for a period of time will not be disadvantaged when it comes to selection for New Zealand international representative teams.

As a general principle, curlers seeking selection are required to attend training camps as well as participate in the applicable NZ Curling Championship tournament; should a curler have decided to travel overseas for curling development purposes and be absent form the country for some time, then the fundamental selection criterion for eligibility for selection will be participation in the NZ Curling Championship tournament. In other words, if a curler has gone overseas but wishes to be considered for selection to the NZ Men’s or Women’s team which competes in the Pacific Curling Championships, then that curler must participate in the year’s NZ Curling Championship tournament – that then gives the selectors an opportunity to assess that curler’s performance against other athletes also seeking selection for the NZ team.

The selectors would also likely seek some record of the overseas curler’s playing and training programmes whilst s/he was overseas – ideally, that would be forwarded with the curler’s selection application form.

NZ Athletes

Should a NZ based athlete seek selection but not be available to participate in the NZ Curling Championship tournament, then s/he should so inform the selectors as part of the application process, thereby allowing the selectors adequate opportunity to view the curler prior to the NZ Championship tournament.


When an athlete completes the selection application form, then s/he nominates which NZ representative team s/he wishes to be considered for. It may well be in a particular year that an athlete is available only for a particular team notwithstanding being eligible for selection to more than one team (e.g. available for the NZ Men’s team but not available for the NZ Mixed Doubles team) – that athlete can indicate on the selection application form which team s/he wishes to be considered for, without prejudice to selection for any NZ team in any following year.