NZCA Newsletter 2010 / 9

27 Oct 2010 – In the latest update from the NZ Curling Associations Executive, New Zealand's quest for 2014 Olympic qualification begins next month at the 2010 Pacific Curling Championships.

The NZCA Executive is considering the best venue for all 2011 NZ Championship events – feedback will be sought from participants at next year's tournaments.


Tournament Results – Winning Teams

NZ Secondary Schools at Dunedin on 28-29 September 2010

     Boys Otago Boys High School
    Byron Dodge, Sam Blakely, Joe Anderson, Josh Weyber, Michael Sharpin
   Girls Epsom Girls High School
    Tessa Farley, Kate Smirnova, Marie Tsai, Lisa Wu
   Mixed    Birkenhead College
    Eleanor Adviento, Jed Tan, Kelsi Heath, Sohail Kashkari

NZ Under 21 at Dunedin on 1-2 October 2010

     Men Sam Miller, Michael Smith, Willie Miller, Liam Dowling, Tim McMillan
   Women  Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Emily Whelan


NZ Junior representative teams

The teams to represent New Zealand at the Pacific Junior Curling Championships being held in Naseby in January 2011 are -

     Men Sam Miller, Michael Smith, Willie Miller, Liam Dowling, Tim McMillan
   Women  Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Emily Whelan, Katie Bauer


2010 Pacific Curling Championships

Congratulations and best wishes are extended to the following athletes who are to represent New Zealand at the Pacific Curling Championships, Euiseong, Korea, on 15-23 November 2010 –

     Men Sean Becker, Warren Kearney, Kris Miller, Warren Dowson, Kenny Thomson
   Women  Bridget Becker, Brydie Donald, Rissy Jones, Natalie Campbell, Katie Bauer

The teams which finish in the top two in each of the Men's and Women's competitions at these Championships are eligible to compete in the World Curling Championships in April 2011, thereby being able to earn valuable qualification points for the 2014 Winter Olympics.


125th Jubilee

The NZCA is to celebrate its 125th Jubilee in June 2011 – bookings have tentatively been made at four ice rinks (Alexandra, Dunedin, Gore, Naseby) so that a "bonspiel" can be held to mark the jubilee. It is intended to hold the official Jubilee dinner in Ranfurly on the evening of Friday 24 June 2011.

Input is sought from the curling fraternity as to a suitable competition format for the Jubilee "bonspiel". Any suitable ideas should be forwarded to the NZCA Secretary as soon as convenient.


Tournament Venues

The Executive has been addressing whether or not to centralise the NZ Championship tournaments (for the Olympic/hack style of curling) in Naseby on the basis that that indoor facility provides the best overall conditions for NZ events – as it is presently the only dedicated curling facility in New Zealand, there is a school of thought that all NZ events should be held there, thus ensuring that the best curling conditions are used for the New Zealand events.

Whilst the Dunedin Ice Stadium has a separate curling rink, that rink is also utilised from time to time by skaters when the main ice skating rink is committed for championship ice skating (figure, speed) and/or ice hockey. Also, when the curling rink is being used for curling, the noise from the adjacent skating rink can be, at times, quite off-putting for curlers – it can also make it very difficult for players to actually hear what the skip/director is calling for a particular shot (mind you, that gives you a good reason for not quite executing what the skip asked for!!).

In terms of curling, both the Dunedin and Auckland venues suffer from being "multi-purpose" ice rinks (as do the Alexandra outdoor, Gore indoor, and Naseby outdoor rinks) and this can make it a little frustrating when ice conditions are not as good as we all would like. It is accepted that the ice conditions are the same for everyone and curlers have to adapt to the prevailing conditions but the Executive is mindful of the need to ensure that the best ice facility is available for the top curlers to compete at the top level.

In relation to the 2011 NZ Championship events, the Executive will be allocating those events amongst the Auckland, Dunedin, and Naseby indoor facilities, but it will be monitoring the overall conditions available at the various venues so that it can move in 2012 to ensure that the best ice is used for the applicable NZ events. The Executive would be seeking input from the competitors at the NZ events as to their views on the facilities, before the Executive allocates the 2012 NZ events.

NZCA Contact

If Clubs wish to obtain further information relating to the minutes or to this Newsletter (or to any other matter which the NZCA is responsible for), please contact the NZCA Secretary whose details are below.

Pat Cooney

24 October 2010

Postal  27 Tarbert St, Alexandra 9320
Phone/fax  +64 3 448 8609
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