NZCA Newsletter 2010 / 10

9 Dec 2010 – Latest news from the New Zealand Curling Association covers the roles of the High Performance Committee and two recent appointments, and release of a draft calendar for the 2011 year.

Dates and playing times are confirmed for next month's Pacific Junior Curling Championships, to be hosted in NZ at Naseby.


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Pacific Junior Curling Championships

The 2011 tournament (involving men's and women's teams from Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand) is set down to be held in Naseby during the period of 9-16 January 2011. This tournament will provide a great opportunity to watch top curlers under the age of 21 years competing at NZ's current premier curling facility.

"Round robin" games start at 10am and 4pm each day from Monday 10 January 2011.

New Zealand is to be represented by –

     Men Sam Miller, Michael Smith, Willie Miller, Liam Dowling, Tim McMillan
   Women  Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Emily Whelan, Katie Bauer


Pacific Curling Championships

New Zealand recently competed in the PCCs which were held in Korea – both the Men's and Women's teams achieved fourth place; the Men played two semi-final matches against Korea with both games requiring extra ends but in each case, Korea "pipped" NZ by one point after the extra end.


High Performance Committee

The Executive has approved the roles of the NZCA High Performance Committee which has been established to assist the High Performance Manager in achieving improvements to the standard of curling athletes in New Zealand. The attachment outlines the HPC's general roles which will be under regular review by the Executive and the HPC to ensure that the roles remain appropriate for the ongoing development of curling at local, national, and international levels.

The High Performance Committee's members for the 2010/11 period are Peter Becker, Sharon Morrison, Darren Carson, Haymon Keeler, Nelson Ede, Natalie Campbell, and Warren Kearney.


2011 Calendar

The Executive has asked the HPC to review the draft calendar for 2011 which may need tweaking to allow for a high performance camp some time later in the year (perhaps preceding the Winter Games or the the PCCs) and also to include possible Under 25 or Under 30 Championship events. Some dates for a national league-type competition may also be added.

There may be other issues which the HPC considers need including, adjusting or removing.

Pat Cooney

8 December 2010

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