NZCA Newsletter 2011 / 2

16 Mar 2011 – The NZ Curling Association's second newsletter for 2011 confirms next weekend's selection and training camp for the 2012 Youth Winter Olympic Games, and also the year's National events calendar.

Notice is given of the NZCA's AGM in May and nominations are called for Executive positions falling vacant, including the imminent retirement of Secretary Pat Cooney.


2012 Youth Winter Olympics

As a result of New Zealand's success at the recent Pacific Junior Curling Championships held in Naseby, New Zealand will be represented at the January 2012 Youth Winter Olympics in the sport of curling.

A training and selection camp is to be held in Naseby on 25-26-27 March 2011; once the team has been selected, its training and development programmes will be prepared so that the team reaches peak performance conditioning by January 2012. The Youth Winter Olympics are to be held at Innsbruck, Austria.

Good luck to all those athletes attending the forthcoming training camp.


Curling Tournament Dates

The following national events have been set for the 2011 calendar year –

  25-26-27 Mar  Naseby Youth Winter Olympics training /selection camp
  13-14-15 May  Naseby Development Camp (aspiring athletes)
  4-5-6 Jun  Auckland  NZ Mixed Fours Championship
  23-24 Jun  Various NZCA 125th Jubilee Bonspiel
  25-26 Jun
26-27 Jun
 Naseby NZ Junior (Under-21) Championships
  1-2-3 Jul  Dunedin NZ Open Championships
  9-10 Jul  Dunedin
 or Naseby 
National League (tbc)
  29-30-31 Jul  Naseby NZ Mixed Doubles Championship
  5-6-7 Aug  Naseby NZ Seniors Championships
  13-14 Aug  Dunedin
 or Naseby
National League (tbc)
  21-28 Aug  Naseby 2011 Winter Games (Fours, Mixed Doubles)
  24-25 Sep  Dunedin
 or Naseby
National League (tbc)
  8-9 Oct  Auckland NZ Secondary Schools Championships
  15-16 Oct
OR 5-6 Nov
 or Naseby
National League (tbc)

The introduction of a National League has yet to be finalised in terms of format, numbers of teams entered, venues, and dates (essentially whether four weekends or fewer, and whether in October or November.


NZCA Secretary

The incumbent Secretary (Pat Cooney) has indicated to the NZCA Executive that he will be retiring at this year's AGM; this will mean that nominations will be sought for three members of the Executive, as two of the members (Peter Becker and Mervyn Jamieson) are due to retire by rotation but are eligible for re-election. Members of the Executive have a three year term but the member who replaces Pat Cooney will complete Pat's term (two years to go) before retiring by rotation.


NZCA Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Curling Association Inc is be held at the Oturehua Hall, Oturehua, on Friday 13 May 2010, commencing at 8pm.

Nominations for the following positions are now invited –

  NZCA President  One (1) required Ranfurly CC to nominate
  NZCA Vice-President  Two (2) required Manorburn CC to nominate Senior VP
Garibaldi CC to nominate Junior VP
  NZCA Executive  Three (3) required Peter Becker and Mervyn Jamieson are to retire by rotation but are eligible to stand for re-election for a three year term. Pat Cooney is retiring early; his replacement will enjoy a two year term before retiring by rotation

Duly completed written nominations must be in the hands of the NZCA Secretary no later than 5pm on Friday 22 April 2011.

Clubs are also advised that any Notices of Motion to be considered at the forthcoming Annual General meeting must likewise be in the hands of the NZCA Secretary no later than 5pm on Friday 22 April 2011 – any such notices of motion need to in writing and signed by the Club's President or Secretary.

Please note that nominations and Notices of Motion are to be forwarded to the NZCA Secretary at one of the following addresses:

  Postal  27 Tarbert St, Alexandra 9320
  Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Fax  03 448 8609


Club Contacts

The NZCA may not have the email address of every Curling Club Secretary nor President; Clubs are requested to ensure that up-to-date email details are supplied to the NZCA – would each Club therefore email the Club Secretary's and Club President's email addresses to the NZCA Secretary. In the meantime, would you please forward this Newsletter and attachments to those persons if they are not on the current NZCA email list.

If Clubs wish to obtain further information relating to the minutes or to this Newsletter (or to any other matter which the NZCA is responsible for), please contact the NZCA Secretary whose details are set out below.

Pat Cooney

18 December 2010

Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.