Broom Regulations for NZ Tournaments

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11 Mar 2016 - The World Curling Federation's Specifications for brushes in elite curling will apply to all New Zealand championships.

This was determined by the New Zealand Curling Association Executive at its February meeting. Approved brushes are now specified in the Rules of Curling, and this change is in line with WCF's recommendation that tournaments that lead directly or indirectly to qualification for a WCF event should be bound by the WCF's new regulations.

What You Need to Know

WCF Rules of Curling

  • Rule 7 (Sweeping) and Rules of Competition C3 (Uniforms and Equipment)

WCF Specifications for Brushes in Elite Curling

  • WCF Approved Code List (PDF download) defines which brush heads are approved – you must use one of these heads
  • Statement of Principles regarding competition equipment (PDF download)
  • Specifications for sweeping devices (PDF download) starts with a background on the brush and sweeping issue

Tournaments Affected

  • NZ National Championships
  • NZ Junior (Under-21) Championships
  • NZ Senior Championships
  • NZ Mixed Doubles Championship
  • NZ Mixed Fours Championship

Other NZ competitions

WCF brush regulations do not apply to local, club or school leagues or other tournaments, unless the organisers of those leagues or events determine otherwise. However elite and skilled players in those competitions are urged to consider the Spirit of Curling when it comes to using other non-approved sweeping devices that may give them an unfair advantage over other players.