Curling dropped from Winter Games NZ

2018 Winter Games NZ winners Jennifer Jones and Brett Laing, Canada
2018 Winter Games NZ Mixed Doubles winners Jennifer Jones and Brett Laing. Photo © WGNZ / Neil Kerr

13 Mar 2020 – New Zealand Curling was advised last month that the Winter Games NZ would no longer include curling.

"The Winter Games NZ Board cited lack of funding as the main reason," said NZ Curling Chairman Sam Inder. "They will now concentrate their resources on the Snow Sports in Queenstown and Wanaka."

"We've enjoyed the relationship we've had with the Games since it started in 2009," he continued, "but we understand their position. Needless to say though, we're disappointed and the loss of this premier international event is a major blow for NZ Curling."

"I have been in touch with Australian Curling with the view to resurrecting the Trans Tasman Trophy and have received a positive response from them."

"Ideally we would like to organise our own 'Winter Games' type of event, however that will require finding significant sponsorship funding."

"There are some interesting developments on the horizon, especially the new contract we have with Wardell & Associates to provide live streaming and possibly TV coverage via Sky Sport Next of the NZ Mixed Doubles Championship and final day of the NZ Secondary Schools Championship, and possibly other events."

"So armed with this coverage, we are actively seeking sponsorship for a new version of a NZ International Mixed Doubles Curling competition. Plans for extending the MCI Rink will now go on hold while the situation is evaluated and new options considered."