2005 National Men's and Women's Champions found

Naseby, 2 October 2005 – The New Zealand National Men’s and New Zealand National Women’s Curling Championships were held this weekend at the new $1.25 million International Curling rink in Naseby.

Team Sean Becker are the 2005 New Zealand Men’s champions. Becker and his team (Hans Frauenlob, Dan Mustapic, Lorne DePape) compiled a perfect 6 win, no loss record at the event. The win adds to what has already been a big year for the team, who earlier in the year represented New Zealand at the 2005 World Curling Championships, and who have qualified New Zealand into the 2006 Winter Olympic curling event.

When asked about the victory, Sean Becker said, "Winning the national championships is a huge honour. The standard of competition is really improving, and to be able to play in a quality facility like this one lets everyone really show what they can do on the ice. This event is part of our build-up to Torino, and so far everything is on track".

Team Bridget Becker are the 2005 New Zealand Women’s Champions.   Becker and her team (Brydie Donald, Natalie Campbell, Catherine Inder) also went undefeated in the competition, with a 6-0 record. After the win, Becker (sister of Men’s skip Sean) said "We are thrilled to win our Nationals. The competition is getting tougher, but the girls played really well. We're looking forward to Pacific Champs in December.

Sean Becker's and Bridget Becker's teams were confirmed as New Zealand's representatives in international play this year. Both teams will compete at the Pacific Curling Championships in Taipei (2-7 December) – the qualification event for the 2006 World Curling Championships.

Results – Men's Nationals

 1   Team Sean Becker  6 wins   0 losses
 2   Team Scott Becker  5 wins  1 loss
 3=   Team Peter Becker  3 wins  3 losses
 3=   Team Warren Dobson  3 wins  3 losses

Results – Women's Nationals

 1   Team Bridget Becker  6 wins  0 losses
 2   Team Natasha Dallow    4 wins  2 losses
 3   Team Wendy Becker  2 wins  4 losses