China celebrating at 2007 Pacifics

Both the men and women from China have qualified for the 2008 World Championships.

The men did it by winning two straight games in their best-of-three semi-finals against Japan (Japan played both games without their Skip due to illness). That advances them to the Gold medal game and gets them one of the two places that are reserved for the Pacific region in the Worlds.

The Chinese women ended up being ranked in 1st place after the double round robin with a 7-1 win-loss record. That was the same record that Japan had, but China had the better Draw Shot Challenge (chn - 178.40 cm and jpn - 293.40 cm). That means China wins the Gold medal and qualifies for the Worlds. Japan will now play against the 3rd ranked team (Korea 4-4) and the winner of that game gets the Silver medal and qualifies their Association to the Women's World Championship.

The other men's semi-final saw Australia defeating New Zealand in two straight games (both games went to extra ends), so AUS is also going to the Men's Worlds.

Women Summary:

  • 1st – China (7-1) best Draw Shot Challenge (qualified for Worlds)
  • 2nd / 3rd – Japan (7-1) vs Korea (4-4), played tomorrow
  • 4th – Australia (1-7) better DSC than New Zealand
  • 5th – New Zealand (1-7)

Men Summary:

  • 1st / 2nd – China vs Australia, played tomorrow (both teams qualified for Worlds)
  • 3rd / 4th – New Zealand vs Japan, played tomorrow
  • 5th / 6th – Korea vs Chinese Taipei, played tomorrow
NZ Women vs Australia at 2007 Pacific Curling Championships
Above: Bridget Becker (skip) and Brydie Donald (third) ponder NZ's options against Australia
Chinese Gold medallists at 2007 Pacific Curling Championships
Above: The victorious Chinese Men's and Women's teams
Below: China's champion Women in action
China in action at 2007 Pacific Curling Championships
China in action at 2007 Pacific Curling Championships

Earlier Article

NZ Men top the table at Pacifics

21 Nov 2007 – NZ Men top the Points table after 3rd round of the 2007v Pacific Curling Championships.

The NZ Men are the only mens team who have not lost a game yet having won the first three games. Japan and China are just behind with both having won two games and lost one.

The women have been unlucky and have not won any games yet. They have had some very close games with a one point loss to Korea in the tenth end.