Team Craig retain Mixed Fours title

2013 NZ Mixed Fours winners

5 Jul 2013 – Iain Craig and his side successfully defended their 2012 NZ Mixed Fours title when they won the 2013 Championship at the Paradice Avondale rink during Queen's Birthday weekend.

Craig, with Brianne Koning (replacing Tessa Farley from 2012), Josh Dallow and Holly Gosse, were undefeated through pool play – albeit only just on occasion. They became more fluent at the end of the tournament though, and were convincing winners of the gold medal game.

A late state to the Auckland season was probably a factor in the small number of teams - five - to contest the first national championship of the year.

Team Craig had secured one of the two places in the final before playing their last match, and the other spot hinged on the last pool game to finish.

Thivya Jeyaranjan's side, with two wins and a draw from their four matches, were forced to wait nervously as Eleanor Adviento attempted to equal that record in her last match. It was not to be as Liz Matthews held on to her early lead to take the match 4-2.

Team Craig was in charge of the final against Team Jeyaranjan from the time Iain Craig drew through a wall of stones for 4 in the second end, and the sides shook hands at 10-2. Liz Matthews' side had a slow start to the tournament before winning their last three games, finishing with a 6-2 victory in the bronze medal match.