NZ Curling Overseas Experience initiative

Mhairi-Bronte Duncan at Sundbybergs CurlingKlubb
NZCOE participant Mhairi-Bronté Duncan in Stockholm. Photo: Mhairi-Bronté Duncan

9 Oct 2019 – The NZCOE (New Zealand Curling Overseas Experience) is a new initiative from NZ Curling.

It is designed to provide our aspiring athletes with the opportunity to spend an extended period overseas, developing their skills and understanding of the game.

"We anticipate that by being fully immersed in a curling community in Canada or Europe, our athletes will both improve their ability, and importantly, return to New Zealand as strong advocates and teachers of our wonderful sport," explained Peter de Boer, NZ Curling's National Coach.

For Athletes

  • Ideal ages are between 18-25
  • Ready to do your OE (Overseas Experience)
  • Fully committed to spending at least six months overseas
  • Passionate about curling and about fully developing your skills and love for the game
  • Be willing and able to work on a part-time basis, either at a curling rink or in a local business
  • Cost – expect to pay the cost of your airfares. But then we hope your part-time work will generate funds to cover the costs of your homestay, ice and coaching time, and day to day expenses.

For Hosts

  • Are set up to welcome and integrate a Kiwi curler into your community
  • Be able to find employment opportunities for them
  • Be able to find local homestays for the athlete(s) - preferably with members of the curling community
  • Be able to identify a local coach to support the athlete(s)
  • Integrate the athlete(s) into your local leagues
  • Cost – we anticipate the programme will be cost-neutral to any curling club, as work secured for the athlete(s) should cover on-ice and coaching costs.


 © Mhairi-Bronté Duncan


Annually during the northern hemisphere season - approx September to April.


To date, we have formed partnerships with both Sundbybergs CurlingKlubb in Stockholm (hosting Mhairi-Bronté Duncan) and Cargill Curling Training Centre, Morris, Manitoba who will welcome Benjamin Frew, Garion Long and Brett Sargon in the next few weeks. We are always interested in speaking with potential host clubs to provide our athletes with a diverse choice of locations.

And in return...

NZ Curling can help to provide members of your curling community the chance to spend some of their Overseas Experience discovering New Zealand.

The heart of our curling community is located in the beautiful Maniototo plain in the South Island. A rural community, there will be lots of opportunities to work in local businesses, whilst curling at the only dedicated curling rink in the southern hemisphere in Naseby. This will also provide you with a great base from which to explore other parts of New Zealand.


To find out more, please contact our National Coach, Peter de Boer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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