2021 NZ Mixed Doubles Qualifier

MCI, Naseby

29 July - 1 August 2021

Qualifier and Championship

Championship History

The format to find the NZ Mixed Doubles champions has changed. Only teams that play in, and qualify from, this Qualifier tournament will be eligible to play in the NZ Championship.

The format for this Qualifier is dependent on the number of entries:

  • If 7 or less teams enter, only this competition will be held. It will be a single round-robin with finals. The winner will become our National Champion and have the first right to represent NZ.
  • If 8 or 9 teams enter, a single round-robin qualifying event will be held. The top three will qualify for the NZ Championship.
  • If 10 or more teams enter, competitors will be split into pools (independently seeded) with an increased number of teams progressing to the Championship. If 12 teams or less enter, the top four will qualify for the Championship. For 13+ teams, the top six will qualify.

The NZ Mixed Doubles Championship

  • Will be played if there are more than seven entries for the Qualifier, otherwise the Qualifier will be the NZ Championship.
  • Will be held later in the season (between 28 September and the end of October 2021) but may vary due to scheduled WCF events.
  • If 3 or 4 teams qualify, this event will be a double round-robin with a best-of-five final (including RR games).
  • If 6 teams qualify, it will be a single round-robin followed by a best-of-three final (including RR).


Qualifier Entry Details

  • The team entry fee is $300. The skip (or other player you nominate) will be invoiced and is responsible for prompt payment in full. Click here to see the player information document for full details.
  • The tournament draw will be confirmed a week after entries close.
  • Player eligibility and playing conditions are as set down in the New Zealand Curling Association Inc Competitions Procedures Manual and the WCF Rules of Curling.
  • Team Uniforms: NZCA encourages teams to wear match tops/and or uniforms in tournaments so team members are easily identifiable.

Click here for the entry form – entries close Friday 9 July.


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