Strategy key to 2013 NZ Schools titles

2 Oct 2013 – The Boys' and Girls' titles at the 2013 NZ Secondary Schools Curling Championships were earned by the winners in virtually identical fashion – a game plan that suited the ice conditions from the skips of the Kavanagh College and Epsom Girls Grammar sides, and skilful implementation of each skip's plan from their whole team.

Both skips – Eugenio Molinatti (Kavanagh) and Chloe Li (Epsom Girls) – realised that with less curl in the ice at Paradice Avondale the key to success was controlling the paths in front of the house, as there was no way a stone would curl around a guard and into the scoring zone.

Kavanagh faced Maniototo Area School in the Boy's Final after both teams finished the round robin with a 3 win, 1 loss record. Kavanagh had won their pool match 8-6 courtesy of a whopping 5 points in the last end. In a virtual replay of the South Island Schools final, MAS had no answer to the front-house control exerted by the Kavanagh side, being kept scoreless as Kavanagh headed out to an emphatic 12-0 gold medal win. In the local derby to decide bronze, the Birkenhead College Juniors held out their older schoolmates 8-3.

Maniototo Area School were unbeaten throughout the Girls round robin, winning all of their matches comfortably, and so went into their final against Epsom Girls as clear favourites. But in a mirror of the Boy's final, MAS were held scoreless as the EGGS team executed their game plan perfectly to win 11-0.

The bronze medal was a close tussle between the two Otago Girls sides, and it took an extra end before OGHS Sutherland secured a 6-5 win against OGHS Lobo.

Final Standings

Boys:  Kavanagh 1, Maniototo 2, Birkenhead Juniors 3, Birkenhead 4, Avondale 5
Girls:  EGGS Chloe 1, Maniototo 2, OGHS Sutherland 3, OGHS Lobo 4, EGGS Brianna 5, EGGS Sophie 6


2013 South Island SS Championship

20 Sep 2013 – Maniototo Area School and Dunedin's Kavanagh College won the Girls' and Boys' tittles respectively at the 2013 South Island Secondary Schools Curling Championships. The competition was held at Dunedin's St Kilda rink over the weekend of 13-15 September.

Undefeated through the round robin, the MAS Girls went into their final against Otago Girls 1 as clear favourites. Maniototo were pushed all the way by their gallant OGHS opponents, but scored 2 points in the last end to take the gold 6-4. The bronze was went to OGHS2, who headed off their school's other side 7-6.

The Maniototo Boy's side was also undefeated going into their final, having narrowly beaten their Kavanagh opponents in both of their round robin clashes. But the tables were well and truly turned in the final, Kavanagh winning a one-sided contest 10-0 after five ends.

Kavanagh's Mixed side were unchallenged to win the Mixed title.

Final Standings

    Boys:  Kavanagh 1, Maniototo 2, Otago Boys HS 3
  Girls:  Maniototo 1, OGHS1 2, OGHS2 3, OGHS3 4, Taieri 5
  Mixed:  Kavanagh 1