"The Roaring Game"

The Roaring Game by Wilson Mawhinney is a comprehensive account of the history of curling in New Zealand.

It covers the establishment of the first clubs in Central Otago and Dunedin in the 1870s and development of the traditional outdoor crampit game, through to the introduction of the indoor game and affiliation to the World Curling Federation in the late 20th century. 

The Roaring Game
 Title The Roaring Game –
A History of Curling in New Zealand 1873-2002
 Author  Wilson Mawhinney
Published 2002 by NZCA
 Cost $20
Available from MCI and members of the NZCA Executive



  1. The Game of Curling
  2. Early beginnings – the beginning of the game in New Zealand
  3. 1922-49 – Through depression and war
  4. 1950-69 – The post war growth years
  5. 1970-86 – A time of firsts
  6. 1987-2001 – New clubs, more Tours
  7. New Zealand and the World Curling Federation
  8. Womens' Curling


  1. The Curling Councils
  2. Lists of Presidents, Secretaries, My Lord and other office holders
  3. Bonspiel Winners
  4. List of New Zealand representatives
  5. Chronicle of events


On behalf of the NZ Curling Association, I am delighted to write the foreword for the history of curling in New Zealand.

Curling is booming in our country, with clubs in Otago, Canterbury and Auckland, so it is vital the history of the game is recorded and kept up to date. This book does that.

The New Zealand Curling Association is determined to fully uphold the outdoor game with all the traditions and customs, which have been handed down for 130 years. In addition New Zealand has become a real force in world curling circles. The men's team has twice qualified for the World Championships, and just missed out on qualifying for the Olympic Games at Salt Lake City in the USA. Planning is well advanced for the building of a four lane dedicated curling rink at Naseby. There is no doubt New Zealand curling is really on a roll.

Wilson Mawhinney, the author of this book, is the ideal person to record the history of New Zealand curling. He is a life member of the Association, and is a real enthusiast, leading New Zealand teams to Scotland, Australia and Canada. These tours have played a large part in opening the way for New Zealand to become a force in indoor curling.

Thank you Wilson for all your work reasearching and writing this history of curling in our country.

I warmly recommend this book to all curlers and everyone else interested in this great sport.

Pat Shea
President, New Zealand Curling Association
April 2002

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