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 Playoff 1     Playoff 2    Women    Playoff 1     Playoff 2    Men  
 Finland 3          Korea 7        
           China            Korea
 China 4          England 3        
       Finland 8          England 5  
           Finland            Netherlands
       Hungary 1          Netherlands 8  


  Women   P W L     Men   P W L  
1 Finland Q 7 7 0 1 Korea Q 7 6 1
2 China Q 7 6 1 2 England Q 7 5 2
3 Hungary Q 7 5 2 3 Netherlands Q 7 5 2
  4 Brazil   7 3 4 4 New Zealand   7 5 2
  5 Estonia   7 3 4 5 Poland   7 4 3
  6 Hong Kong   7 2 5 6 Australia   7 1 6
  7 Poland   7 2 5 7 Denmark   7 1 6
  8 New Zealand   7 0 7 8 Brazil   7 1 6
  Q: Qualified for playoffs (top three)

New Zealand Team results
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Team China after their playoff win
Team China after their playoff win to qualify for the LGT World Women's Curling Championship 2019. Photo © WCF / Clare Toia-Bailey

23 Jan 2019 – China and Finland claimed the final two places at the LGT Women’s World Curling Championship 2019 when they won their playoff games at the World Qualification Event in Naseby today.

At the same time, Korea and the Netherlands earned their entry for the Pioneer Hi-Bred World Men’s Championship 2019.

Eight teams of each gender had started the 6-day tournament, and when the round robin ended yesterday the top three from each had qualified for today’s two playoff sessions.

Top qualifiers Finland met China in the first Women’s playoff.

NZ Men v Denmark
NZ Men played the Netherlands in their final game. Photo © WCF / Clare Toia-Bailey

22 Jan 2019 – Korea, England and the Netherlands will contest the Men’s playoffs at the World Curling Qualification Event in Naseby tomorrow. The New Zealand hosts were eliminated by millimetres after a countback.

The winners of the two playoff games will complete the field for the 2019 Men’s World Curling Championship in Canada.

At the same time, Finland, China and Hungary will play off for the remaining two places in the lineup at the Women’s World Championship in Denmark.

The Women’s playoff contenders were known after their second-to-last round robin session, but it took both final sessions for the Men before the playoff lineup was known. England and Korea went into the morning session unbeaten, but they were beaten there by New Zealand and the Netherlands respectively, the other top-three contenders.

Scott Becker at WQE 2019
New Zealand's Scott Becker at the 2019 WQE in Naseby. Photo © WCF / Clare Toia-Bailey

21 Jan 2019 – Four Men’s teams – England, Korea, New Zealand and the Netherlands – are vying for three playoff spots at the World Curling Qualifying Event in Naseby.

The Women’s playoff teams are confirmed with a round still to play. Finland, China and Hungary will fight it out for the two remaining places at the World Women’s Championship.

Finland’s Women became the first team to qualify for the playoffs. They met China, the other previously unbeaten team, during the morning session on the third day of play and won 8-6, helped along by a score of 4 points in the sixth end.

Finland’s skip Oona Kauste commented, “The European Championships in Estonia was a big disappointment [for us], and we took time to decide what to do next.”