Bonspiel at Idaburn Dam, 2010 -  Photographer:  Janyne Fletcher

Indoor Curling (Hack)

You've seen the curling at the Games on TV and thought it looks fun – could I do that? Well, yes, it is and yes, you can!  We'd love to see you "down at the rink". You'll need warm, loose-fitting clothing that you can stretch out in and clean, flat-soled shoes. Trainers are ideal.

We'll supply all the gear you need (there's little) and give you a bit of coaching to get you started. You'll be curling in less than an hour. Where? Read on...


Auckland Curling has a club night most Sunday evenings from May until mid-October at Paradice Ice Rink, 150 Lansford Crescent, Avondale; there's no curling available at the Botany Rink. They host "Have a Go" sessions at the start of each season – usually starting early-mid April. Go to their website for details or give them a call at (09) 828 3800 for more information. 


You can arrange to play virtually any time in Dunedin. The Dunedin Ice Stadium at St Kilda has a full-size ice arena for skating and ice hockey and a separate dedicated 4-sheet curling rink. 

A new 'Learn to Curl' programme commences on Tuesday evenings and Social League on Sunday evenings.  There are casual sessions anytime. Give them a call at (03) 456 4556 

Central Otago

Central Otago and the Maniototo are the traditional heart of curling in New Zealand, with the game first introduced from Scotland by gold miners who came to Otago in the early 1860s.

The Maniototo Curling International rink at Naseby became the first dedicated indoor curling rink in the Southern Hemisphere when it opened in 2005. It is open year-round for both casual and competitive play and has hosted several international tournaments.  Give them a call at (03) 444 9878 to arrange a time.

 Alexandra's Iceinline Central has a dedicated indoor curling rink and a seasonal general-purpose outdoor ice rink. Give them a call at (03) 448 8599 for more information.


The Gore Curling Club has an indoor league at its local Ice Skating Rink.   Get in touch – they'd love to hear from you.

World Curling Federation​​​​​​​

The WCF has a one-page summary that covers all you need to know (and more) about curling, whether you're playing or watching.

And you can get in-depth and check out the rules here – but you can save this until you're getting serious!