Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games are held every four years, with events for Men, Women, and Mixed Doubles. The Youth Winter Olympic Games are also held on a 4-yearly cycle. There are different qualification criteria for the two Games.

Winter Olympics – Men and Women

Nations earn qualification points at the two World Championships preceding the Olympics. The Olympic host nation qualifies automatically, and most of the remaining places are filled by the countries with the most qualification points. All nations that have competed at a World Championship in the Olympic cycle and have not already qualified then play in an Olympic Qualifying Event to fill the remaining few places in the 10-team Olympic field.

Winter Olympics – Mixed Doubles

The qualification process for Mixed Doubles is similar to that for the Men's and Women's disciplines. The Olympic Mixed Doubles field is larger (20 teams in 2026).

Youth Winter Olympic Games

Nations qualify according to the WCF's World Ranking of their Junior teams. The 2 males and 2 females in each team first play a Mixed event, and then a Mixed Doubles.