NZ at World Women's Curling Championship

NZ must qualify for the World Championship from the Pan Continental Championship. Before 2022, qualification was via the Pacific-Asia Championships.

Year  Venue Pos  W‑L NZ Team
130-12Jess Smith, Holly Thomson, Natalie Thurlow, Bridget Becker, Ruby Kinney
NS, Canada
131-11Jess Smith, Courtney Smith, Bridget Becker, Holly Thompson, Natalie Thurlow

NZ at World Qualifying Event – Women

The two top-ranked teams from this event qualified for the World Curling Championship.

Year  Venue Pos  W‑L NZ Team
New Zealand
80-7Bridget Becker, Natalie Thurlow, Abby Peddie, Eloise Pointon, Jess Smith Did not qualify