NZ at World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship

The Championship was open-entry until 2019. It then became an elite 20-team event, where the four lowest-ranked sides are relegated. They then join other nations at the open-entry Qualification Event where the top four will qualify for the following World Championship.

Year  Venue Pos  W‑L NZ Team
2008Vierumäki, Finland84-3Bridget Becker & Sean Becker
2009Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy134-4Brydie Donald & Scott Becker
2010Chelyabinsk, Russia25-2Bridget Becker & Sean Becker
2011St Paul, MN, USA143-4Bridget Becker & Sean Becker
2012Erzurum, Turkey104-4Natalie Thurlow & John Campbell
2013Fredericton NB, Canada57-2Natalie Thurlow & Hans Frauenlob
2014Dumfries, Scotland212-5Waverley Taylor & Kenny Thomson
2015Sochi, Russia202-7Marisa Jones & Dan Mustapic
2016Karlstad, Sweden135-3Bridget Becker & Scott Becker
2017Lethbridge AB, Canada292-4Bridget Becker & Scott Becker
2018Östersund, Sweden391-6Eleanor Adviento & Brett Sargon
2019Stavanger, Norway95-3Bridget Becker & Sean Becker
2020Kelowna, BC, CanadaCancelledJess Smith & Ben Smith
2021Aberdeen, Scotland124-5Courtney Smith & Anton Hood
2022Geneva, Switzerland200-9Natalie Thurlow & Warren DobsonRelegated
2024Östersund, Sweden191-8Courtney Smith & Anton HoodRelegated

NZ at World Qualifying Event – Mixed Doubles

The four top-ranked teams from this event qualify for the World Mixed Doubles Championship.

Year  Venue Pos  W‑L NZ Team
2022Dumfries, Scotland57-2Courtney Smith & Anton HoodDid not qualify
2023Dumfries, Scotland35-3Courtney Smith & Anton HoodQualified