2012 NZ Under-21 Championships

MCI, Naseby

23 - 24 June 2012

NZ Under-21 pin
  Previous winners:  Men  Women

Final Standings


 1   (5-0)  Marauders – Michael Smith, Willie Miller, Liam Dowling, Luke Steele
2 (3-2) Vikings – Martin Olund, Jack Creighton, Matthew Neilson, Hamish Walker
3 (1-4) Raiders – Andrew Scott, Simon Neilson, Josh Fargo, Josh White
4 (1-4) DFTBA – Kieran Grieve, Garion Long, Matt Hohaia, Miller Adams


1 (3-0) Sweeping Beauties – Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Kelsi Heath
2 (2-2) Eleanor Adviento, Brittany Taylor, Waverley Taylor, Sofia Carnvik
3 (0-3) Holly Thomson, Catherine Greer, Tash Whyte, Jenn Becker


Saturday 23 June

9:30 am – Draw 1
SheetTeam12345678 Total
A  Marauders                   W
B  Sweeping Beauties                   10
 Eleanor                   3
C  Vikings                   W
Bye  Holly                    


1:00 pm – Draw 2
SheetTeam12345678 Total
A  Eleanor   4     4 4 4 X   16
 Holly 1   2 1       X   4
B  DFTBA                   W
C  Marauders                   W
Bye  Sweeping Beauties                    


4:00 pm – Draw 3
SheetTeam12345678 Total
A  Vikings                   W
C  Sweeping Beauties                   W
D  Marauders                   W
Bye  Eleanor                    

Round Robin Standings

1  Marauders 3 0     W W W
2  Vikings 2 1   L   W W
3  DFTBA 1 2   L L   W
4  Raiders 0 3   L L L  
1  Sweeping Beauties 2 0     W W  
2  Eleanor 1 1   L   W  
3  Holly 0 2   L L    

Sunday 24 June

9:30 am – Semi-Finals
SheetTeam12345678 Total
A  Men, Semi-Final 1 (RR1 v RR4)
 Marauders                   W
B  Women, Single Semi-Final (RR2 v RR3)
 Eleanor 4 2 1 3 1 2 X     13
 Holly             X     0
C  Men, Semi-Final 2 (RR2 v RR3)
 Vikings                   W


1:00 pm – Finals
SheetTeam12345678 Total
B  Men, Final
 Marauders 2     3 1 1 2 X   9
 Vikings   1 1         X   2
C  Women, Final
 Sweeping Beauties 1   1   3   1 1   7
 Eleanor   2   1   2       5
D  Men, Playoff 3rd/4th
 Raiders                   W

Rules and Conditions of Play

  • Cost will be $30 per person for the tournament. This is a cost for the ice only; any meals and refreshments will be extra.
  • 4 Men's teams and 3 Women's teams will play a Round Robin.
  • All games will be 8 ends, with an extra end(s) if required to find a winner. A minimum of 6 ends to be played.
  • Each team will have 9 minutes practice prior to each game.
  • Teams will have one minute at the conclusion of their practice to throw a Draw Shot Challenge. This will establish who has last stone in the first end, and the average Draw Shot Distance will determine rankings between teams with the same number of wins.
  • Semi-Finals:
    Men – The team ranked 1st after the round robin will play the team ranked 4th. The team ranked 2nd will play the team ranked 3rd. The higher-ranked team will have Hammer.
    Women – The team ranked 1st will qualify for the Final. The team ranked 2nd will play a Semi-final against the team ranked 3rd. The 2nd-ranked team will have Hammer.
  • Finals:
    Men – Semi-final winners will play in the final. The losers will play off for Bronze.
    Women – The winner of the Semi-final will play the 1st-ranked team. The loser of the Semi-Final will win the Bronze.
  • Umpires will be Darren Carson and Sam Inder.

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NZ Secondary Schools
Naseby, 2-4 October
Entries close Fri 10 September

NZ Juniors (U21)
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