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NZ Record at World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship
 Year Venue Pos  W‑L New Zealand Team
2008 Vierumäki, Finland  8  4‑3 Bridget Becker and Sean Becker
2009 Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy 13 4‑4 Brydie Donald and Scott Becker
2010 Chelyabinsk, Russia 2 5-2 Bridget Becker and Sean Becker
2011 St Paul MN, USA 14 3-4 Bridget Becker and Sean Becker
2012 Erzurum, Turkey 10 4-4 Natalie Thurlow and John Campbell
2013 Fredericton NB, Canada 5 7-2 Natalie Thurlow and Hans Frauenlob
2014 Dumfries, Scotland 21 2-5 Waverley Taylor and Kenny Thomson
2015 Sochi, Russia 20 2-7 Marisa Jones and Dan Mustapic
2016 Karlstad, Sweden 13 5-3 Bridget Becker and Scott Becker 
2017 Lethbridge AB, Canada 29 2-4 Bridget Becker and Scott Becker
2018 Östersund, Sweden 39 1-6 Eleanor Adviento and Brett Sargon

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