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Club Fees 

Non-playing Member or Spare

The 2019 Club membership fee is $60 (or $40 if you are under 21).

Spares will play their first two games for the season at no charge. For the third and subsequent game they will pay a $20 ice fee per game to the club. (Note that players already registered with a team do NOT pay additional ice fees if asked to spare for another team.)

Playing Members

The 2019 Club membership fee is $60 (or $40 if you are under 21). The membership fee is not included in with your team ice fees.

Your team's total ice fees for the season are $1580.

Ice fees cover the club's ice rental costs. The cost per player depends on the number of players in a team. It is up to each team to decide how they will divide it up between themselves, depending on how often each player wants to play.

  • Team of 4 – Team fee $1580 is $395 per player
  • Team of 5 – Team fee $1580 is $316 per player IF divided evenly
  • Team of 6 – Team fee $1580 is $263 per player IF divided evenly
  • If you're under 21, your ice fee is reduced by 50%

If you want a 5th / 6th player from the school league please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know. We also have a number of official "spares" who can fill in for any team at any time. However, to avoid forfeiting the game your team must include 3 players who are either registered in your team or who are rookie (first or second year) spares.

Payment options

We will invoice you for membership and ice fees. You can pay in full, or in instalments through the season.

When paying by bank transfer (preferred) please put your invoice ref, name and team in the reference fields – Auckland Curling Club's Westpac account is 03-1564-0052855-00

New Member Application

Privacy Notice

  • We will never share any of your personal information outside the club or the NZ Curling Association without first asking your permission.
  • Unless you tell us not to, we will make your email and/or phone details available to other players. This will allow your team or other teams to contact you (e.g. if they need an extra player, or they wish to confirm, default or defer a game).
  • We may sometimes aggregate membership information to send to government, sporting or funding organisations (e.g. total members by age range, suburb or sex) but none of the information we supply in these cases will identify you personally.

Click here for online form – opens in a new window. We will invoice you for your membership fee.

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