Changes ahead for Pacifics

Pacific Curling Federation logo

16 Jun 2011 – The 2010 Pacific Curling Championships may have been the last – under that name at least.

The six member associations have unanimously agreed that the name of the Pacific Curling Federation should change to Pacific-Asia Curling Federation.

This change will now await formal ratification from the World Curling Federation.

The current members of the Pacific Curling Federation
Australia China Chinese Taipei Japan Korea New Zealand

PhilippinesThat may not be the only change in the near future. The fledgling Philippine Curling Association is seeking membership of the World Curling Federation, and this would add another team to the annual PCCs and Pacific Junior CCs.

See the Facebook pages of WSFP Philippine Curling and PHCurling for more details.

WCF President Kate Caithness says there has been an "explosion" of interest in curling world-wide, mainly as a result of widespread media coverage of the Winter Olympics. She reports that 17 countries have inquired about joining the WCF since Vancover 2010.

The days of curling being the world's best-kept sporting secret seem to be well and truly over!