Mustapic extends Seniors streak

2018 NZ Senior Men's champions
Man's champions Iain Craig, Lorne DePape, Dave Watt and Dan Mustapic. Photo © NZCA

18 Sep 2018 – Team Dan Mustapic won their fifth straight NZ Senior Men's Championship undefeated last weekend, but they needed to warm into their task.

Mustapic found himself facing six counters as he lined up his last shot in the first game of the tournament against Ewan Kirk's Naseby side.

The game then went to an extra end after an attempted Mustapic takeout in the eighth end clipped a guard.

Their second match against Pete Becker was also close through the first five ends, before a three-pointer in the 6th broke the deadlock.

After the round robin it was Becker and Kirk qualified second and third for the single semifinal, which Becker won 9-2.

Pete Becker produced the shot of the tournament in the final, a square angle raise that rolled to the button when he was facing 4 in the fourth end. But the teams shook hands after six ends, with Dan Mustapic, Dave Watt, Lorne DePape and Iain Craig ahead 7-2.

Liz Matthews, Jo Olszewski, Pauline Farra and Christine Bewick were unchallenged in the Women's competition. They played non-competition games against local sides, and a practice match with the NZ Junior Women.