2020 NZ Mixed Championship

Paradice Avondale, Auckland

POSTPONED 31 May (?) & 1 June 2020

Entry Details

Championship History

This event has been postponed because the Paradice Avondale rink is closed until further notice due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
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  • The tournament will run on Sunday 31 May (after early evening NZIHL game - to be confirmed!) and Monday 1 June (morning AND evening), Queen's Birthday Weekend. Dates to be confirmed
  • All players are requested to assist with ice setup from for all sessions, and games will start as soon as the ice is ready.
  • You may enter a full team, part team or as an individual. If you enter a part team or as an individual we will try to make up full teams on your behalf but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.
  • Player eligibility and playing conditions are as set down in the New Zealand Curling Association Inc Competitions Procedures Manual and the WCF Rules of Curling. To be eligible to enter, these essentially say that you must be a current or life member of a NZ curling club, a life member of the NZCA, or you must pay a tournament levy to NZCA as well as your tournament entry fee.
  • The entry form will be posted here when / if a new start date is confirmed.